General Counsel Outsourcing


LOSMP recognizes that many emerging companies have the need for industry-savvy legal counsel from a seasoned veteran with in-depth expertise about, its industry, its regulatory environment, its products, and its challenges. However many early-stage companies do not have the resources to hire a dedicated in-house counsel. To address general, day-to-day legal needs, LOSMP provides outsourced general counsel services.

The package of services is customizable to fit the client’s particular needs, but generally includes the following:

  1. Preparation, review, and negotiation of commercial and employment agreements (e.g., NDAs, retention agreements, equity incentive agreements, MTA’s, clinical trial agreements, research service agreements, real estate leases, and vendor, supplier, and customer agreements;
  2. Corporate governance, including acting as Board secretary;
  3. Tax strategy and advice;
  4. Corporate formation (e.g., LLC, partnership, and joint ventures);
  5. Attendance (in-person or remote) at key management or Board meeting;
  6. Coordination of legal services provided by external counsel to ensure efficient services and avoid cost overrun.

Many early stage companies lack the resources to hire a dedicated in-house counsel. LOSMP provides customizable outsourced counsel services to fit the client’s particular needs.